Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good Ol' thick eyebrows

There is something elegant and charming about thick eyebrows. It lends the face a certain gentleness that thin heavily arched eyebrows do not. There is a difference between thick unmaintained bushy eyebrows and well groomed ones, so don't be scared to go the thicker route if you haven't already.

Growing out your eyebrows can take a while, but quick fixes are readily available. Eyebrow pencils and a small eyebrow brush is all that you will need. Dark brown to light brown eyeshadow can also be used to fill in the sparse areas depending on your hair color, but it is recommended you also use a light wax and brush through it to hold it in place.

Have overly plucked eyebrows? why not try warm castor oil as a treatment at night, it really does help. I myself have eyebrows which are on the thicker side, just glad I do not have to over pluck them (ouch).

P.S - The secret to perfectly groomed salon style eyebrows - a pair of scissors! Trim away the strays and unruly hairs for a clean well maintained look.

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