Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Super high ponytail!

Tired of leaving your hair down everyday? Want to try something different? Why not try the super high ponytail... the keywords being 'super' and 'high'. Not only is this a great way to wear your hair on the second or third day after a wash when your hair and scalp are starting to get a little oily (ewww... I know), it's super easy and elegant as well.

This ponytail needs to look sleek, simple and super high. The easiest way to achieve this look is to tip your head back (not forward) and gently gather the hair at the top of your head, doing so will avoid 'hair dents' by allowing hair to naturally fall into place. Now tightly tie it place with a clear heavy duty elastic. You can wrap strands of hair at the base of the ponytail for it to stand out more from your scalp or you can leave it as is.

This seems to be inspired by the 'I love genie' look recently featured on runways and is fun to try especially with your hair swishing as you walk. Let me know how you make this your own.

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